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The victim of human trafficking as offender

Victims of human trafficking for labour are often exploited for years. But what happens if these victims are forced to...

Publication | 15-02-2017

Child sexual abuse on trial. Part 2: The sentences

Judges in child sexual abuse cases do not sufficiently explain how they determine their sentences. Judges name a variety of...

Report | 09-12-2016

Paying the price

Having sex for payment with a child aged sixteen or seventeen is a criminal offence in the Netherlands. The maximum sentence...

Report | 18-11-2016

Vulnerability up close. An exploratory study into the vulnerability of children to human trafficking

The National Rapporteur is concerned about the position of Roma children, Syrian child brides and children living illegally...

Report | 12-10-2016

Damages for possession of child pornography: legal possibilities and practical obstacles

July’s Chronicle, the journal of the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM), featured...

Publication | 02-08-2016

The Prominent Role of National Judges in Interpreting the International Definition of Human Trafficking

Although there has been much discussion of the scope of the concept of human trafficking in international...

Publication | 20-05-2016

Global Study: Offenders on the move. Governments' responsibilities as countries of demand, supply and/or victimisation

A two-year Global Study reveals that more children are being sexually exploited than ever before and that this is an endemic...

Publication | 12-05-2016

Child Sexual Abuse on Trial. Part 1: The Cases

In her report ‘Child sexual abuse on trial’, the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence...

Report | 18-03-2016

On solid ground. Tackling sexual violence against children.

In this report the Dutch Rapporteur maps and analyses the policy and practice in tackling sexual violence against children in...

Report | 19-03-2015

Researching and Reporting on Trafficking in Human Beings

Growing attention to the subject of trafficking in human beings highlights the real need for more knowledge on its nature and...

Publication | 08-10-2014