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  1. A report of modern forms of slavery in the Netherlands. Data on human trafficking 2008-2012

    In her report “Trafficking in Human Beings: Visible and Invisible II”, the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and ...

    News item | 01-12-2014 | 09:00

  2. Rapporteur concerned at results of study on organ trafficking

    Many health care professionals who treat kidney patients know of patients who have travelled abroad for a transplant. A large ...

    News item | 22-10-2014 | 12:12

  3. Researching and Reporting on Trafficking in Human Beings

    Growing attention to the subject of trafficking in human beings highlights the real need for more knowledge on its nature and ...

    News item | 08-10-2014 | 00:00

  4. Combating human trafficking: more attention needed for minors, the prostitution sector and new forms of exploitation

    The Netherlands is performing relatively well in terms of combating human trafficking, with a steadily growing number of ...

    News item | 17-09-2014 | 12:00

  5. UN and OSCE draw attention to the financial aspect of trafficking in human beings

    On the first ‘World Day against Trafficking in Persons’ UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has called for further action to end the ...

    News item | 30-07-2014 | 13:18

  6. Rapporteur: generate more insight into networks, facilitators and money. New quantitative report on human trafficking

    Human traffickers usually do not operate alone. It is therefore essential to gain a clear picture of human trafficking networks. ...

    News item | 17-06-2014 | 14:46

  7. Dutch Rapporteur speaks at UN expert meeting on ICT and violence against children

    The Dutch Rapporteur is attending the Expert Consultation on ICTs and Violence against Children in Costa Rica on 9 and 10 June. ...

    News item | 06-06-2014 | 15:30

  8. Dutch Rapporteur urges International Labour Conference to revise Forced Labour Convention

    Supplementing the ILO Convention concerning Forced or Compulsory Labour (C029) is an important step towards the eradication of ...

    News item | 23-05-2014 | 12:00

  9. Rapporteur advises on implementation of the CoE Convention on violence against women and domestic violence

    The Dutch National Rapporteur has published her advice about the Dutch bills related to the Council of Europe Convention on ...

    News item | 11-04-2014 | 17:50

  10. Dutch Rapporteur visits United States

    Last week the oral argument was held in the potentially groundbreaking American case to which the Dutch National Rapporteur on ...

    News item | 28-01-2014 | 14:22