Ninth report of the Dutch National Rapporteur

The Ninth Report on Trafficking in Human Beings shows that the Dutch fight against trafficking in human beings is going relatively well. Ever more organisations are taking their responsibility in this fight. Nevertheless, worries remain about certain issues.


The recommendations of the Dutch Rapporteur address the most urgent of issues:

  1. Identification of and care for victims of trafficking, notably minor victims of domestic trafficking.

  2. Development of a national referral mechanism.

  3. Prostitution industry: Reducing the susceptibility of the industry to trafficking in human beings; strenghtening the position of prostitutes; and holding clients accountable if they know, or can reasonably be assumed to know, that a man or woman whose sexual services they are using is in fact a victim of trafficking.

  4. Tackling exploitation outside the sex industry, including new forms such as forced begging.

  5. Fostering the link between the Regional Information and Expertise Centres and the Safety Coordination Houses.

The Ninth Report was published in Dutch in September 2013. One section of the Ninth Report has been made available as a separate article. It addresses the question: "Does legalised prostitution generate more human trafficking?"