On this page you'll find the English summaries of the reports that the National Rapporteur publishes on the nature and scale of human trafficking and sexual violence against children in the Netherlands. The full reports and other publications can be accessed on the Dutch website (in Dutch).

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  1. Speech on the occasion of the OSCE Conference on the occasion of the Austrian Chairmanship: “Not for Sale – Joining Forces Against Trafficking in Human Beings”

    The Dutch National Rapporteur gave a speech on the occasion of the OSCE Conference on the occasion of the Austrian Chairmanship: ...

    Speech | 17-02-2014

  2. Dutch Rapporteur. Barriers against Child Sex Tourism (2013)

    Children have the right to protection against sexual violence. The Dutch Government must therefore endeavour to prevent Dutch ...

    Report | 10-02-2014

  3. Northeastern School of Law Lecture

    Leaflet | 28-01-2014

  4. Georgetown Lecture

    Leaflet | 28-01-2014

  5. Paroline v. United States (judgment Fifth Circuit)

    Publication | 27-11-2013

  6. Paroline v. United States (amicus curiae brief of the Rapporteur)

    Letter | 26-11-2013

  7. Case law analysis - Interactive

    Report | 19-06-2013

  8. Case law analysis - Print

    Report | 19-06-2013

  9. Trafficking in Human Beings. Visible and Invisible. A quantitative report 2007-2011

    Last April, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Malström warned that the conviction rates in EU countries are generally decreasing. In ...

    Report | 13-06-2013

  10. Case Law on Trafficking in Human Beings 2009-2012. An analysis

    Study of the Dutch Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children of recent case law in the ...

    Report | 26-04-2013