On this page you'll find the English summaries of the reports that the National Rapporteur publishes on the nature and scale of human trafficking and sexual violence against children in the Netherlands. The full reports and other publications can be accessed on the Dutch website (in Dutch).

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  1. Effective prevention (summary)

    There is still a lot to be done to prevent sexual violence against children by providing comprehensive sexuality education, says ...

    Report | 01-11-2017

  2. Factsheet Weighted risk - assigning treatment to sex offenders in the Netherlands

    In the Netherlands, assessing the risk of a sex offender committing a new offense is not done according to the best available ...

    Report | 27-10-2017

  3. Speech of the National Rapporteur at the presentation of the report

    The National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children spoke at one of the events of the ...

    Speech | 29-09-2017

  4. Monitoring Target 16.2 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    In September 2017 the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence Against Children and the ...

    Publication | 28-09-2017

  5. Canadian Centre for Child Protection - Survivors' Survey

    Publication | 26-09-2017

  6. The victim of human trafficking as offender: a combination with grave consequences.

    Victims of human trafficking for labour are often exploited for years. But what happens if these victims are forced to exploit or ...

    Publication | 16-05-2017

  7. Paying the price. The criminalisation of sex with 16- and 17-year-olds for payment

    Having sex for payment with a child aged sixteen or seventeen is a criminal offence in the Netherlands. The maximum sentence for ...

    Report | 16-02-2017

  8. Child sexual abuse on trial. Part 2: The sentences (2016)

    Judges in child sexual abuse cases do not sufficiently explain how they determine their sentences. Judges name a variety of ...

    Report | 07-12-2016

  9. Statement National Rapporteur: Dutch Week against child abuse 2016

    Today marks the start of the Dutch Week against Child Abuse. The goal is to raise public awareness of child abuse. As the ...

    Speech | 14-11-2016

  10. Statement of the National Rapporteur on EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2016

    Today, the 18th of October 2016, marks the European Day against Human Trafficking. An important moment to reflect on modern ...

    Speech | 18-10-2016